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Provide sanctuary for your vehicles, not just a place to park them – grant them a true haven, not a mere storage facility.

People enjoy sharing storage units with their ParkingBlvd.

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General Features

Payment Gateways

Fully integrated with most popular payment gateways. Send and receive payments straight out of the box.

Booking System

ParkingBlvd is a powerful booking platform that lets you run a residential or commercial rental business online with no hassle.

Reservation Requests

Follow a reservation from start to end. Get email notifications and be always on point on their status.

Instant Booking

Guests simply choose their travel dates to book with you immediately. It doesn’t require any kind of approval from the host.

Management System

Administrate your properties, reservation requests, availability calendar and much more from an easy to use front end panel.

Front-end Submissions

Allow your users to log in and submit listings information from the front end of your website.

  • More control over location
  • Month-to-month
  • No pesky paperwork
  • Talk as easy as texting
  • Host identity verification
  • Protection plans for items in storage
  • Free host liability insurance of $1,000,000
  • Secure, automatic monthly payments

Transform your existing space into money-generating opportunities.

Share your listing at no cost today and unlock the potential to earn thousands in passive income.

ParkingBlvd for Business

Collaborate with Neighbor to discover or promote commercial spaces tailored to your business needs.

Vehicle Fleets

ParkingBlvd facilitates swift and efficient nationwide parking solutions for businesses managing vehicle fleets.

Retail REITs

Leverage your parking lots and unoccupied spaces to optimize your earnings.

Parking Operators

Occupy surplus space at your facilities by accommodating individuals and businesses seeking monthly parking solutions.

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