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Its modern design and ease of use is just the tip of the iceberg. A feature-rich theme options panel offers great functionality to customize your site and adapt it to your business model.

Booking Made Easy

ParkingBlvd is equipped with great tools needed to deliver a product that any rental business would be delighted to have an impressive and appealing online presence.

Highly Customizable

ParkingBlvd is featured with every tool you’d need to deliver a professional website. It offers multiple possibilities of customization to make your design project unique and fascinating

How To Become a ParkingBlvd Host

1. List Your Place

Discover the ease of listing your property with ParkingBlvd. Showcase your space effortlessly and connect with potential tenants, whether for parking, storage, or rentals. Start listing today!

2. Welcome Your Guests

Extend a warm welcome to your guests with ParkingBlvd. Create a seamless experience for visitors accessing your property. Start managing guest access effortlessly today.

3. Earn Money

Maximize your earnings with ParkingBlvd. Monetize your unused space by renting it out to drivers, renters, or storage seekers. Start earning extra income hassle-free today!

Keep Everything Under Control

Listing Management

Simplify property management with ParkingBlvd’s Listing Management tools. Effortlessly list, update, and track your properties, ensuring a seamless experience for both owners and tenants. Get started today!

Booking System

Streamline your booking process with ParkingBlvd’s intuitive system. Easily manage reservations, bookings, and availability for your property, maximizing efficiency and enhancing user experience. Get started today!

Prices and Fees

Explore transparent pricing and fees on ParkingBlvd. Discover competitive rates for parking, storage, and rental spaces. Easily understand costs and fees before making your reservation. Start planning your budget-friendly solution today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a fantastic parkingblvd account starts with setting up your profile! Potential hosts can look through your profile to learn more about you after you’ve made a reservation request. Ensure that your bio and profile picture are excellent.

To add your credit card, go to your Payment Methods page. Enter your card details under “Update Renter Payment Method” and hit “Submit.”

You can find instructions on how to update your payment method here, if necessary. We take all major credit cards at parkingblvd, but we only accept cash or checks.

Enter a city, town, or address into the ParkingBIvd homepage’s search bar after creating an account. Navigate our map to select the ideal location and cost for you!

You can begin the process by clicking “Reserve space” after you’ve chosen a listing you like. You will specify what and when to store, as well as, if you haven’t already, how you want to be paid.

Your card will be pre-authorized once you submit your reservation request, and the host will review it before approving it!

Your card will be automatically charged as soon as your reservation is accepted. This is to make sure you have paid for the first month’s rent and for moving in. After that, on the day that your reservation starts, your card will be charged at the start of each subsequent monthly rental period.

Each monthly rental payment includes a small Service Fee. We are able to provide renters with protections because of our Service Fee. The quantity varies based on where and how you store your belongings.

Payment is made to your host at the conclusion of each rental period via their linked bank account. This guarantees that they won’t be paid until they give you storage for an entire month.

Our users can easily add their payment information here under their Profile page. Renters will add their credit card information, and hosts can connect their bank account. 

ParkingBIvd stores all payment information through the payment gateway Stripe. More than 100,000 vendors use Stripe, an encrypted PCI-compliant server, worldwide!

The renter’s credit card is put on pre-authorization hold once they submit a reservation request. The first month’s rent will be charged if the request is approved by the host. The renter will receive the hold release in the following three to five business days if the request is denied.

On ParkingBIvd, reservations are made month-to-month. At the start of every rental period, the renter is billed. This guarantees that, even before the month begins, the renter has paid for the full amount!

Every rental period concludes with us sending Stripe the host payout. Additionally, the payout will be accessible in the host’s linked bank account in just three to five business days!

Once the renter has taken everything from the space, it is their responsibility to cancel the reservation online. The online reservation cancellation will stop the automatic payments. To avoid being charged for an additional rental period, be sure to cancel before the renewal date of the following month!

A host should cancel the reservation online if they know that the renter has not done so online, has removed their belongings permanently, or has never moved into the space, and that they do not intend to use the space any longer.

Your credit card will be automatically charged at the start of each monthly rental period while the reservation is still in effect. This guarantees that you will always receive payment for your rented space on schedule!

Our system will try to charge your card over the next few days if your payment is unsuccessful on the monthly renewal date. Additionally, an email informing you that your payment needs to be updated will be sent to you.


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