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We offer unique places suitable for your comfort

We have just the place

ParkingBIvd provides access to rental places in cities all over the world, including bars, backyards, and photo studios. Guests may conduct private and business gatherings in distinctive settings thanks to our peer-owned worldwide network of venues, and hosts can make extra money just by opening their doors.

A space for every moment

Why Us?

New and never-ending possibilities

Discover anything from uniquely designed rooms and apartments to professionally equipped studios.

Knowledgeable hosts

Make advance arrangements with seasoned space owners to go over tech specifications, studio amenities, and accommodations for artists before call times.

Easy budgeting

Pay by the hour when you reserve your ParkingBIvd and avoid any further expenses.

Earn income as a ParkingBIvd host

Make use of your space.

By providing your space to local social and business events, you can make extra money.

Our Values







Trust and Safety

Mutual trust is the foundation of every successful transaction, from placing an order for takeout from a restaurant to allowing a plumber to fix issues at your house. The foundation of ParkingBIvd’s operations is trust, just as your community is built on it.

Safety by design

From the very beginning of the company, we’ve given meticulous attention to the creation of safety measures for our ParkingBIvd.

$1M Host Guarantee

During move-in, did your renter trip and fall? Your personal liability is covered up to $1,000,000 by the ParkingBIvd Host Guarantee.

Scam Prevention

Our multi-layered defense system will keep you safe as long as you remain on ParkingBIvd the entire time. Verification by phone, email, and photo ID are among the measures employed.

Secure, Automatic Payments

For as long as their space is occupied, hosts are guaranteed payment even if the renter is late or ceases to pay. Additionally, the most exacting certification in the industry is held by our PCI-compliant payment processor.

Property Protection Plans

Renters may choose a Property Protection Plan to ensure their items are covered in case of damage.

Safe Messaging

By using the ParkingBIvd website or mobile apps for messaging, you can interact without disclosing personal contact details.

Customer Service

The helpful Customer Success team at ParkingBIvd is accessible by phone, email, or chat to ensure you have a fantastic experience.


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